How to get there?

The exhibition is located near Bucharest at Fundulea, Calarasi county. Coming from Bucharest, on the A2 highway, please exist at Fundulea, at km35. After that you will drive for about 1 km on DJ402 towards Nana (Oltenita).

Visiting hours:

  • 09.00 - 18.00

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Visitors can access the exhibition with:

parallax background
Latest trends in agricultural technology
Top of the range exhibitors’ portfolio
Ag. machinery demonstration: thousands of horse-power at work, in real conditions, in the field
Solutions from specialists


We do it all “from our passion for agriculture”. Following this motto AgriPlanta-RomAgroTec successfully managed to bring together the most important aspects of Romanian agriculture, starting in spring 2011.

The exhibition takes place in the field, on a 36 ha surface.

It’s efficiency is due to three main components that define AgriPlanta-RomAgroTec: 1. Field exhibition; 2. Trial Plots; 3. Demonstrations with agriculture machinery.

Farmers find here new technologies, successful models of using agriculture machinery, inputs and solutions presented by companies exhibiting.

AgriPlanta-RomAgroTec is more than that. It has become a networking and communication platform between farmers and specialists. Also, public institutions, associations and academic environment joined us every year.

Being a model for the future farmers is on top of our minds. As a result, every year, we organize AgriKids, a fun and educational meeting with children that are passionate about agriculture. Here, they experiment, learn how to plant, what a healthy production means, how to take care of the environment and how important doing things with passion is.

Our purpose is to remain a landmark and support for Romanian farmers.