DLG organizes trade-fairs and exhibitions for the agricultural and food sector since 1885. As part of the DLG network, DLG International, together with its subsidiaries located in 11 countries (Poland, China, The Netherlands, Turkey, Romania, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Germany, Zambia), plays a major role in the success of every agribusiness representative.

DLG e.V. (German Society for Agriculture) is a leading organization in agriculture and food industry that has over 30.000 members: producers, equipment and input suppliers, agricultural product processors. DLG’s mission is promoting technic and scientific progress. Through its projects and activities, DLG sets trends and drives progress in Germany and worldwide. DLG ensures know-how transfer from the strategic planning phase, all the way to the implementation phase, collects data, tests agricultural machinery, agricultural inputs and food products and organizes agribusiness events in over 20 countries.

For more information about DLG events worldwide, please access the link below. www.dlg-tradefairs.com.